Churches in Ireland

Churches in Ireland

Project by the Church of Ireland


Stained Glass in the Church of Ireland

This website contains factual information and photographs of every stained-glass window throughout the Church of Ireland. The research, which was carried out by Dr David Lawrence, began in 1991 and concluded in 2017. The work was funded by the Representative Church Body of the Church of Ireland; the Heritage Council; Northern Ireland Built Heritage; the Irish Georgian Society and the All Churches Trust.

The survey has revealed previously unrecorded examples of nineteenth century ecclesiastical art of exceptional quality from Irish, English and German artists and studios as well as recording better known work by twentieth century Irish artists.

This website allows users to search for windows by numerous categories, including the name or location of a church; the name of a stained-glass studio or artist; the iconography (i.e. religious subject-matter) of the window; the date of a window.

The Church of Ireland is unique within the Anglican Church in having commissioned a comprehensive record of its stained glass windows.

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